Antivirus and Firewall Comparison – Where to Compare Antivirus and Firewalls

Firewalls play an important role in the security of your computer network and are designed to protect your computer, all of your applications and files from the threat of external attacks. Many people overlook the importance of a good firewall and they should definitely consider this type of protection before being exposed to the internet.

One handy tool is an antivirus firewall comparison which describes what type of protection each firewall can provide. There are several different types of firewalls and having the one that suits your needs the best is important.

1. Packet-filtering: this type of firewall filters “packets” by examining the protocol and address information only. This variety of firewall is simple, fairly low cost and easy to use. Most often these types of firewalls are “built in” to operating systems, such as Windows.
2. Application level: the firewall is an application proxy overseeing each data exchange remotely. The firewall is “invisible” and monitors all traffic according to specific rules.
3. Circuit level: the rules are fully configurable, so that traffic is only accepted from an authenticated source, and during a specified time period.

There are, of course, many considerations with respect to the type of antivirus firewall that is best for your particular application. Most antivirus firewall comparison charts set out the pros and cons of each one, helping you to come to an informed decision on whether or not that particular firewall is the one you need to install.

The most important factor in reviewing any antivirus firewall comparison is to come to a decision and to purchase and install this important protection. Virus attacks are on the rise, and network attacks continue to increase and become more sophisticated. Your best defence is a good offense, and that is to have comprehensive firewall protection installed to prevent such attacks.