Buying Price Comparison Software – Features to Look For

If you are a deal seeker, you may use price comparing websites, like, to find the best deals. These websites are a great way to save money on internet purchases, but there is a better alternative. That alternative is downloading price comparison software. These desktop applications allow you to get the best deals with ease. But wait! When choosing software to buy or download, what features should you look for?

A 100% desktop application. When downloading price comparison software, the program will install right on your computer. You will see a link on your computer’s desktop. You open the program and perform a search, like for a copy of Microsoft Office. A good program will allow you to do everything right from your desktop. There should be no need to open an internet browser window. The best programs are those where your shopping and comparison list appears at the top and the retailer’s product page will appear below. This sets downloadable software apart from websites.

The ability to set price ranges. Price comparison software is designed to find you the best deals online that you can afford. We all know that products come in many price ranges. Honestly, you could pay anywhere from $10 to $300 for a new cell phone. What if you only have $100 to spend? A good program won’t make you browse through products you can’t afford. It will let you set a price range first. Meaning if you can only afford to spend $100 on a cell phone, you will only see cell phones for sale that cost $100 or less.

The ability to remove items from your list. When performing a search, whether it be on a desktop application or a price comparison website, you are likely to get many results. For example, Microsoft Office comes in many different formats. You can find the standard version, home and student, small business, professional, and ultimate. Tailoring your search to include a specific version will get you relevant results, but a few may slip through. This is where the ability to remove items from your comparison list is ideal. If an item isn’t what you wanted, automatically delete it from your search results with the click of a mouse! This particular feature makes finding the best deals online quick and easy.

The above mentioned features are just a few of the many you should look for when choosing price comparison software to download. To get started, visit to download the Price Watcher. Get all of the features outlined above and more! Find the best deals online and with ease today.