Comparison Shopping Software

Find the best buy computer software with a comparison shopping software program that compares prices, using CNet, PriceWatch, Walmart, Yahoo, Google, Amazon, MSN, PriceScan, Excite and many other shopping sites.

This means competitive prices and more search results than other price comparison software applications. This software does the comparison from your PC, bringing all the top stores’ product information to you.

Best Price does not link you to a web site to input keywords for comparison shopping, it does all the price comparison from your local computer, bringing all the best buy stores information right to your desktop. Guaranteed to save you Time and Money!

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There are lots of comparison shopping websites on the Internet that can help you to find the BETTER price, but normally, one site can’t cover everything and you won’t necessarily find the BEST price. You could waste lots of time checking all of them, one by one, making price comparisons.

Instead of jumping from site to site with a different interfaces and commands. Best Price compares up to 16 of the MOST popular comparison shopping sites simultaneously. It also provides a familiar and intelligent interface for pre search and a powerful set of tools and functions for price comparison.

The software also has features that cannot be found or performed on a Web based search tools. For example, it save searches in Excel, HTML, or other formats. It also saves searches for later use or modification.

You can even share online purchase information with your friends and family members. Why not find the software you’re looking for with a little help, by doing some comparison shopping on the Internet?