Comparisons For Term Life Insurance Quotes – Comparing 100 Providers in Less Than a Minute?

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was possible to get comparisons for term life insurance quotes from over 100 insurance providers in less than one minute? Would you even believe it if it were true? Well believe it!

More than a dozen web sites are available today that provide just such a service. These sites employ sophisticated term insurance quoting software to process an applicant’s quote request. The speed and power of the internet allows the software to retrieve rate information from as many as 100 insurance companies simultaneously, analyze and perform a comparison on the data received, and provide the lowest rate back to the applicant.

The web sites that provide this service are independent companies with no direct connection to any one insurance provider. They are free to provide the lowest rate information back to the requester regardless of which company has the best rate. It is a different service than our parents used for a life insurance quote when they worked with an agent who represented one particular insurance company.

As powerful as the software is, what makes the quoting process so popular is how easy it is for the applicant to use. The quote form requires an answer to less than 10 questions; age, gender, state of residence, smoker or non-smoker, policy term and amount of coverage desired, and if premium payment will be made yearly or monthly. The complete application process, including receipt of the best rate quote, takes less than a minute to start to finish.