Comparisons For Term Life Insurance Quotes – Comparing 100 Providers in Less Than a Minute?

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was possible to get comparisons for term life insurance quotes from over 100 insurance providers in less than one minute? Would you even believe it if it were true? Well believe it!

More than a dozen web sites are available today that provide just such a service. These sites employ sophisticated term insurance quoting software to process an applicant’s quote request. The speed and power of the internet allows the software to retrieve rate information from as many as 100 insurance companies simultaneously, analyze and perform a comparison on the data received, and provide the lowest rate back to the applicant.

The web sites that provide this service are independent companies with no direct connection to any one insurance provider. They are free to provide the lowest rate information back to the requester regardless of which company has the best rate. It is a different service than our parents used for a life insurance quote when they worked with an agent who represented one particular insurance company.

As powerful as the software is, what makes the quoting process so popular is how easy it is for the applicant to use. The quote form requires an answer to less than 10 questions; age, gender, state of residence, smoker or non-smoker, policy term and amount of coverage desired, and if premium payment will be made yearly or monthly. The complete application process, including receipt of the best rate quote, takes less than a minute to start to finish.

How Downloadable Price Comparison Software Can Get You the Best Deals on Gifts

When it comes to buying gifts for loved ones, we want a special meaningful gift. With that said, we don’t want to pay more than we need to. Whether you are shopping on a budget or just looking for the best deals online, downloadable price comparison software is here to help.

Before discussing how price comparison software can get you the best deals on gifts for family and friends, you may be curious as to what this software is and what it does. Unlike price comparison websites, a downloadable program gets you a desktop application. This means no having to open multiple internet browser windows to compare products and prices. You can do it all right from your desktop.

Although programs do vary, there are certain features you should look for. Start with the ability to set a price range. Don’t spend hours browsing products you can’t afford. Then, look for the ability to remove items from your search results. This could be a Blu-Ray player when you are looking for a Blu-Ray movie and so forth. Speaking of your search results, ensure they appear in a list at the top of the page. The bottom of the page should be left open. When clicking on an item you want more information on, the retailer’s website should appear below right in the desktop application.

Now that you know what downloadable price comparison software is, how can it get you the best deals on gifts for family and friends?

You are able to find the best prices with ease. As previously stated, comparison is done right from your desktop. Popular price comparing websites require pop-up windows. This can get frustrating and confusing. You are also able to delete items from your list, something websites don’t allow. You can also set your price range right from the start. It no longer takes hours to find the best deals, but a few minutes at most!

You are able to get the best quality products too. Price comparison software is designed to allow you to easy compare prices to find the best deals. With that said, there is an added benefit. Remember, you should be able to view most retailer pages right in the desktop application. Many retailers enable ratings and reviews on product pages. Meaning, you not only see product specs and prices, but reviews too. This can ensure you not only get the lowest price, but the best value for your money.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to using downloadable price comparison software to get the best deals on gifts for family and friends. Purchase a meaningful gift today, but don’t spend more than you need to. Visit to download the Price Watcher.

Price Comparison Websites Versus Price Comparison Software – Which is Best?

Are you a deal seeker? Do you price compare before buying online? If so, how do you do that price comparing? Do you visit price comparison websites, like Or, do you make use of downloadable price comparison software? Speaking of which, when you compare the two, which is the best method to find good deals online? Continue reading on for a comparison.

As you likely already know, price comparison websites are websites that you visit and perform a product search. For example, if you are looking for the best deals on mp3 players, your search phrase will be “mp3 player.” You then get a list of for sale mp3 players from participating retailers. You can click on the links and a new internet browser window will appear. This will be the website of the retailer in question, which has the mp3 player for sale. You can get information on the product for sale, including the price.

On the other hand, downloadable price comparison software is a desktop application. You download and install the program. Once open, you can perform a search, like for mp3 players. The best part? Everything is done right from the software program. After performing a search, you will get a list of all for sale products from retailers that meet your search criteria. This list should appear towards the top of the page. Use it as your guide. You are able to delete items that don’t meet your standards, click to see the retailer’s product page right in the desktop program below your list, and more.

So, which method of price comparison is best?

Although they both have their pros and cons, deal seekers, like you, typically find the best luck with downloadable software programs. These desktop applications eliminate the frustration that is often associated with price comparing online. There is no need to have 5 or more internet windows open. Why switch back and forth to find the best deals? This just wastes your time. You can also eliminate items from your list, like those that aren’t what you wanted or are out of your price range. This not only allows you to find the best deals, but at a faster pace.

In short, if you are looking for the best deals online with the least amount of hassle, desktop price comparison is the best approach. Eliminate the hassle of finding a good deal and save money today by visiting to download the Price Watcher. Get great deals right from your desktop.